Tuesday, October 14, 2014

TetroCrate Wear

New TetroCrate version for Android Wear.
Designed for smart watch' small screens and tiny controls.
Get it on Google Play

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

TetroCrate: urgent update to 1.0.14 - new acid colors & legal issues

Dear loyal users of my humble free app!

It appears, that word "Tetris" is registered trademark in US and Japan, and Tetrocrate "app uses the same colored Tetriminos as Tetris Holding's Tetris branded games".

So, in order to comply and re-list app (however, it's still missing on Google Play US/Japan), I had to update title, description and change content (brick colors) accordingly.

If you publish app on Google Play, be very afraid - some obvious, innocent and sometimes random keywords or keyword combination  in your app title, are indeed registered trademarks in specific countries: Ping-Pong, Tower Defence, Asteroids, you name it, etc. All it takes for your app to disappear in thin air - just one formal complaint, submitted by anyone interested  to Google; it could be direct competitor, Big Publisher, bully, random fat troll. And it is rather hard and time consuming to get app back re-listed, since Google refuses to accept no appeal from defendant.

Related stories about app removals due to "Alleged trademark infringement":
Meanwhile, please post your feedback, and I'll try to address any issues as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

TetroCrate 1.0.6: bunch of new features

Animations, sounds and preferences added in latest update


  • Global online scoreboard
  • UI Graphic themes
  • Arcade/time trial mode
  • Multiplayer 
Please post your comments/feedback/suggestions/new feature requests either here or on my Google Play page.

Monday, June 11, 2012

TetroCrate: 3D Block Puzzle Android

New tetris-like puzzle board game, only without time pressure of original Tetris and thus drastically changed tactic and strategy.

Original Tetris is not really suitable for touch screens, missing tactile feedback and robustness of real physical keyboard.

Tetrocrate offers different gameplay and touch screen oriented approach to in-game user interface. Simply drag and push falling blocks to available position. However, unlike Tetris, you cannot rotate pieces, since there's no easy way to implement it intuitively without overcomplicating UI and overall user experience.

Complete either horizontal or vertical lines, so full lines can disappear from the board. Get significantly more bonus points for completing multiple lines at once.

OpenGL ES 1.0 hardware support required, otherwise on some low end handsets without GPU (something like Huawei U8160)  framerate will drop below acceptable level.

TetroCrate on Android Market
TetroCrate on SlideMe (direct link to .apk available there)
TetroCrate on AndroidPIT
TetroCrate gamepllay on YouTube